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    Service tenet

    Create value wholeheartedly for the customer

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    service idea

    The success of the customer is our success

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    Quality first

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    Top of the industry

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Company profile

Dongguan Flight Aeronautical Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. It is a high-tech enterprise focusing on R & D, design, production, marketing and UAV training. It aims at "pursuing excellence" and "constantly innovating" as the idea, moving forward to the top aviation technology enterprises.

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Our products cover agricultural plant protection, film and television aerial photography, low altitude logistics, police monitoring, medical rescue, forest fire prevention, polar investigation, address exploration, aerial surveying and mapping and other unmanned aerial vehicles; distribution of unmanned aerial protection machines, aerial photography machines, plant spraying of rice and cotton, and UAV operation training.
In the past eight years, Dongguan Follett Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. has established a comprehensive plant protection UAV operating norm in the research and development of plant protection UAVs.
At present, Dongguan Flight aviation science and Technology Co., Ltd. has launched intelligent agricultural plant protection UAVs: Flight -ZB6L, Flight -ZB10L, Flight -ZB12L, Flight -ZB15L, Flight-ZB20L and other types of unmanned plant protection machines, and provide unmanned aerial vehicle protection services.