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Flight -ZB16L unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)

Independently planning aerial and line autonomous

  • Takeoff preparation

    All the channels of the remote control are placed low, and the medicine box is added with liquid to control the take-off of the aircraft.<br />

    Recording preparation

    Control the aircraft to fly to the A point position, then switch to the "location maintenance mode" or "GNSS auxiliary mode" (5 channels placed in the middle).<br />

  • AB point pattern

    The A point B point is recorded by the remote control<br />

    Start work

    Roll the rocker to the left / right and keep one second to return to the middle<br />

  • Transfer operation

    During the AB flight, roll the rocker and hold it for 1 second.<br />

    Terrain following and high direct flight 

    High precision + degree microwave radar<br />

  • Shape size


    Capacity of polymer lithium battery


    Telecontrol radius


  • Wheelbase


    Working speed

    4-8 meters per second

    Number of atomizing nozzles

    The 3

  • Maximum take-off weight


    Single operation time

    More than 12 minutes

    Operational efficiency

    100 mu / hourly

  • Pesticide capacity


    Effective flight height

    2-8 meters

  • Maximum payload



    4-6 meters

Flight control system autonomous operation, one button take-off and landing

Autonomous Planning of navigation and line work independently; route planning can be used permanently; it can start and fall independently by one key, and it is safe. In the course of flight, three control modes can be freely switched, that is, fixed

  • Terrain following high direct flight<br />

  • Precise fixed-point Cruise<br />

  • Power alarm<br />

  • Dose monitoring<br />

  • Stable attitude stabilization of algorithm<br />

A high precision + degree microwave radar is used to measure the relative height of the crop surface, to simulate ground flight, to ensure uniform spraying; the track is guided by the satellite navigation signal to overcome the difficulty of the manu

Follett -ZB16L plant protection system power system
  • IP10010 brushless motor

  • Good 100A high voltage brushless electronic governor

Follett -ZB16L plant protection system charger

The overall appearance is simple, small in size and convenient to carry. It has over load, over voltage, over temperature protection, simple operation, and no need to set up.

The cooling system of Follett -ZB15L plant protection system

In the harsh and complex environment of plant protection, Follett -ZB15L has a unique design of internal circulation cooling system, the air inlet is located in the center of the body, with a filter system, which can cut off the drug fog, avoid the c

Flight -ZB16L plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle remote control

The main components of Follett -ZB15L plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle system

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complete machine 1 sets Customized Including: fuselage, foot frame, motor, electric tune, 6S 12000mah*4, paddle, wire, flight control, remote control, receiver, medicine box, anti drift atomizing spray head, booster pump, drug tube, battery.
Charger 1 sets Multifunctional four in one charger It can charge 4 batteries at a time. The overall appearance is simple, small and convenient to carry. It has over load, over voltage, over temperature protection, simple operation and no need to set up.
Tool kit 1 sets Customized Super strong torque, high hardness six angle screwdriver.