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After service policy

First, product quality commitment:
1, quality inspection and testing data are available for manufacturing and testing of products.
2, the manufacture and testing of products before the factory are in line with Q/FLTHK 01 - 2017 enterprise standard.

Two, after sale service system
1, after sale service telephone 24 hours. The maintenance personnel will receive effective reply within 2 hours of receiving service calls.
2, the users who purchase our products are not less than five visits per year in the warranty period or in the warranty period.
3, purchase users enjoy the priority of our company's advanced technological achievements and continuous upgrading services.

Three. After service commitment:
1, the product warranty period of 1 years (vulnerable parts: pump, propeller warranty for 3 months), see the schedule - the warranty period of each component. Products provide life-long maintenance and free services during the warranty period, and the cost is only charged during the warranty period. The company guarantees that the equipment purchased by the customer is entitled to the company's lifelong maintenance rights.
2, the warranty period for product warranty is based on the acceptance confirmation letter signed by the customer.
3. In practice, we provide free accessories and free maintenance services for the equipment damage caused by non-human causes. For the equipment damage caused by human factors, the accessories we repair or provide are calculated at cost price.