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Flight-4HFW325 Gas driving take-off and landing fixed-wing UAV

Vertical take-off and landing fixed wing UAV
Flight-4HFW325 Gas driving take-off and landing fixed-wing UAV
  • Vertical take-off and landing

    Low demand for landing point and high efficiency

  • Simple structure

    Short expansion time

  • Fully autonomous flight

    One key take off, safe and efficient

  • High security

    Dual protection of emergency point landing and par

  • Long endurance

    Endurance time 3~5h

  • Conventional fixed wing combined four rotor layout

    The problem of vertical takeoff and landing of fixed wing UAVs is solved in a simple and reliable way. The active power is used, and the safety is high. The fixed wing UAV has the characteristics of long navigation time, fast speed and long distance, and the vertical take-off and landing function of the UAV.

  • Independent flight without operator intervention

    The industrial flight control and navigation system specially developed by Dongguan Follett Aeronautical Technology Co., Ltd. can ensure the autonomous flight of UAV, without operator intervention, to complete the flight process of mission cruise, flight state conversion and vertical landing and landing.

One key take off, safe and efficient

It is applicable to aeronautical measurement, public security patrol, forest fire prevention, aerial photograph surveying, electric power / pipeline line finding, environmental testing, disaster detection, air enforcement, hydraulic measurement of highway and railway, three-dimensional imaging and so on. It can be used for a forest cruise and a stowage thermal imager. When the heat source is found, it can be positioned, photographed and sent back.

  • Model: Follett -4HFW325 fixed wing

  • Captain 2.22M

  • Wind resistance level 6

  • Flank 3.26M

  • Maximum take-off weight 30KG

  • Cruise speed 110KM/H

  • Practical lift 5500M

  • Task load 2-4kg

  • 7

    Hitecd rudder 7

  • 4

    M10 motor 4

  • 4

    Good 100A power adjustment 4

  • 1

    1 active power motor of HACKER

  • 1

    Electric propeller 1

  • 4

    4 electric rotor paddles

  • 1

    A 35 kilogram parachute (including an opening device) 1 sets

  • 1

    120A active power modulation 1

  • 1

    Collision avoidance Kevlar battery box 1

  • 1

    S40 flight control 1 sets

Autopilot performance

◆Full cover

◆satellite navigation:【real timeGPS/GLONASS/BD5Hz 】

◆The precision of the attitude is 0.5 degrees and the heading precision is 1 degrees.

◆High precision and high dynamic motion measurement